ClubMember_Logo A world where most of your long, boring, member management tasks are done for you by clicking a button...

No long term contract        You can stop using it at any time!

There is no charge per member       You can keep a full member history.

Free trial period      We offer you a fully operational no risk trial - using your own data for 2 months - for FREE!

Only you can see your data      It is an MRM (Member Relationship Manager) desktop application that does not rely on other parties to keep your data safe and available to you.

Designed by club Administrators for club Administrators, and under constant improvement since 2003, it will help you to

The Benefits?

Reduce lost revenue
An easy tracking system means nothing gets missed, and has proved itself to reduce lost income.

Save time on administration
Free yourself for the important things: keeping the existing membership happy, and attracting new members!
Some of the biggest time savers are:

Quickly and easily get information on the profiles of your members
Provides an detailed breakdown of your membership by age and membership type. Accurately identify the right people.

There is no charge per member, allowing you to keep a full member history without having to pay more as new members are added.
After two months risk free trial, it only takes a small fee each month to keep it going (see Pricing for details).

ClubMember provides stunning flexibility in its ability to be configured to suit your membership requirements.
It comes with


Operating System
ClubMember can be run as

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