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If you have an idea, or method of working, that saves work, errors, or just plain drudgery, that you're willing to share with others, please email us about it so we can make it available here.

Simple PAYE / Kiwisaver Worksheet    (Excel)
Stay on top of expired memberships - the payback to your club is valuable
Avoid distortions to your monthly Profit & Loss reports

Simple PAYE / Kiwisaver Worksheet

For non-accountants, calculating and keeping track of PAYE and Kiwisaver deductions can be a royal pain, but there is a very simple method to do this. Below, you will find a link to download an Excel worksheet that tracks it for you.

Keep the downloaded file safe and, each month, create a copy for use to record the pays for that month.
I suggest you name the copies PAYE_YYMM (where YY = the year and MM = the month) so they will appear on your computer in date order.

After opening the file with Excel, setup each employee as indicated.
all you need to do is enter (for each employee):

If you want/need to adjust the auto calculated Kiwisaver deduction amount, simply overtype it.
To complete the PAYE return, simply copy the worksheet totals onto the return form.

This worksheet is available to you (free). Download it here.

Submitted by Keith Goebel, Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club, Auckland, NZ

Stay on top of Expired memberships - The payback to your Club is valuable

Every few weeks I go through my Task & Notes list and call the listed members with expired memberships.

The "payback" for the time spent on this is out of proportion to the time taken to make the calls because, virtually every single month, there are several members listed who agree to renew once contact has been made but who would not have done so otherwise for various reasons, including moving address and forgetfulness.
Some only want a chance to tell someone of a problem or grievance which, once addressed, makes them happy to renew.

This is extra $$$$ for the club, way above the cost of the time and effort spent doing it!

Submitted by Keith Goebel, Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club, Auckland, NZ

Note from ClubMember:
A Tasks & Notes list is available in ClubMember (only one of the many "labour-saving" reasons ClubMember was developed).
While Tasks can easily be generated manually, they are automatically generated when a membership expires making this tip very easy to impliment.

Avoid distortions to your monthly Profit & Loss reports

If your club's GST accounting system is "invoice based", it can be a bad idea to enter membership renewal reminders into your accounting software.
The reason is because you will have to pay GST on the reminders in the period they were issued.

Almost certainly, some of those members will not be renewing and, when they don't, you then have to issue each of them a credit note (extra work) which results in "bogus" plusses and minuses that distort your monthly Profit & Loss reports.

I've found that it is best to enter incoming member subs into the accounting system only when the club has received the money (done as part of the Bank Reconciliation).

Submitted by Keith Goebel, Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club, Auckland, NZ

Note from ClubMember:
When ClubMember produces Reminders, it can also produce summary reports of those Reminders.
These reports list the members by name and also by membership types (senior, junior, etc) with subtotals, and can be used to show the club's expected income without messing with your accounting system's Profit & Loss report.

ClubMember provides an Export Transactions function for those who do want to add Reminders to their accounting system.

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