The following is a basic over-view of the licensing and conditions of use for ClubMember.
The actual Conditions of Use are supplied with the software, and can also be found here.

ClubMember is Shareware, and is not protected against copying.

Licensing applies to data files created by you, rather than to the ClubMember application itself.
New data files have a free trial period before a license is required.
Licenses are based on a 12 month subscription format, unless an alternative period is arranged.

Pricing details can be found on the Pricing page.

If you continue to use an unlicensed data file after exceeding the free trial period, or after expiry of an issued license, ClubMember will NOT lock up and prevent you from accessing your data. It will simply prevent further changes and/or additions to the data from then on.

To buy a license, please see Buy a License.

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